Jigsaw Library assembles a larger audience

May 15, 2024 BY

L-R: Drysdale Jigsaw Library members Kathrine Moroney, founder Neville Burrows OAM, Jean McMahon, Terrie Crook, and Chris Crook. Photos: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

A DRYSDALE gem nestled in the back room of the Springdale Community Centre is seeing a slight uptick in foot traffic this year across all ages.

The Drysdale Jigsaw Library offers the perfect opportunity for Bellarine residents to take up a new challenge each month, providing borrowers with puzzle sets of any size from 500-piece puzzles to as big as 3,000-piece puzzles.

Library co-ordinator Chris Crook said anyone looking to take up a new hobby or some challenges during the approaching winter period was more than welcome to peruse the library’s hundreds of puzzles.

“It works just like a library.

“People who use this community asset are genuinely passionate about puzzles and often walk out of here month with around 10 or so puzzles to work on.

***INSET*** Drysdale Jigsaw Library founder Neville Burrows (front) and Chris Crook.


“The money goes to the neighbourhood centre and this year we’re seeing more and more people coming in.

“Just an example, my wife Terrie and I came in here a week ago, and we saw a 10-year-old come in who helped finish a 500-piece puzzle. The interest in younger age demographic is growing from what we’re seeing.”

The Drysdale Jigsaw Library hosts an open day on the first Thursday of each month from 10am to 12 noon.

Residents can borrow any of the library’s 5,000 puzzles of any size at 40 cents per set, with each puzzle to be returned either before or during the next open day.

Mr Crook said there were about 60 people at any given open day.

The library was founded by Ocean Grove resident and self-proclaimed jigsaw junkie Neville Burrows in 1993, who invited residents to his home on Draper Street.

Once Mr Burrows and his wife could no longer fit the number of puzzles in his possession in his home, the Drysdale Jigsaw Library was formed in 2005 and was officially opened by former Bellarine MP Lisa Neville.

“It’s really good to see people coming together to use a library like this,” Mr Burrows said.

“We welcome everybody and anybody to come down and make use of out little jigsaw haven.”

For more information on the library, head to home.springdale.org.au/jigsaw