Applications open for Barwon Sports Academy

November 19, 2020 BY

Barwon Sports Academy pole vaulter Olivia Gross is one of the many young athletes developing their craft.

APPLICATIONS for the Barwon Sports Academy (BSA) have opened.

Barwon Sports Academy provides a pathway for aspiring athletes wishing to take their sport to the next level.

BSA pays particularly close notice to some sports that may be deemed off-Broadway. The likes of sailing, judo and mogul skiing are some of the sports offered in among the usual athletics, tennis and golf.

BSA chief executive officer Cameron Loftus said the Academy offered a “smorgasbord” of resources across a range of sports to give all budding athletes the best chance possible to succeed.

“If you think of a skateboarder or a mogul skier, they might be talented but a lot of the time they have to drive to Melbourne to get that support, we’ve got some fantastic resources locally that we provide.

“We provide an education program, we have strength and conditioning programs, we have a real focus on injury prevention and providing great guidance and support for athletes.

“We put together a really cost-effective and professional program to support them.

“It’s really about assisting them through those key developmental stages.”

While BSA has a high focus on athletes improving their in-game performance, it also places a high value on the wellbeing of its athletes by providing not only technical coaching, but also support to develop well-rounded people and athletes.

Applications close on either December 2 or 9, depending on the sport.

Trials for various sports will begin in the latter stages of November.

BSA is a not-for-profit organisation that appreciates all the support it gets from its partners.

Anyone wishing to apply can do so online at or by phoning Cameron Loftus on 0423 650 219.

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