Barwon Valley hosts seminar to increase female participation

May 17, 2024 BY

Barwon Valley general manager Nathan Sharrock speaks at last month's "Women in golf" seminar. Photo: SUPPLIED

A GOLF club in Geelong is getting more women into the sport while aiming to address the challenges that may be standing in the way.

Barwon Valley Golf Club, in conjunction with Geelong Golf Academy, held a “women in golf” seminar to pinpoint some of these barriers of entry to golf and the particular challenges women face in the sport.

About 50 women attended the seminar delving into golf course anxiety and ways to deal with it.

The seminar, held last month, also showcased how to be a strong male ally and the importance of female leaders within golf.

Barwon Valley general manager Nathan Sharrock said he had been extremely pleased with early feedback.

“We’ve been getting really good numbers through the doors through clinics, which is great, but then it’s really hard to decide what’s the best way to get these women actually into golf and playing.

“We spoke to a few clubs across Victoria and one of the things they really talk about is it has to be social.

“So we tried find a way to start a social night, start that interaction between people that have done things in golf, and tried to find that little bridge between these women and getting them on the golf course.”

As part of the seminar, listeners heard from season industry golf employee Jasmine Davis, newcomer to golf Jessie Nestor, and semi-professional golfer Grace Hallinan to hear a wide variety of perspectives.

Sharrock said Barwon Valley had four women sign up to the club as members following the seminar.

“Geelong Golf Academy had 55 women in clinics at Barwon Valley last term, so we’ve got a large influx of women learning golf.

“We have a driving range here as well, so we’ve seen a large switch to more women, especially younger women on the range.

“Just using the range, going out for nine holes. You know they’re not ready to be a member yet in their opinion, but we’re trying to change their mind a little bit.”