Belmont’s “Lowey” secures statewide coaching honour

December 2, 2021 BY

The Belmont Lions are well-known for being a culturally safe club and Hunter is credited with being a huge part of that. Photo: SUPPLIED

AFL Victoria has announced the Belmont Lions’ Lowell Hunter as the Junior Coach of the Year as part of this year’s 2021 AFL Community Football Awards.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions made to Australian football across Victoria and celebrate some of the amazing achievements that enabled football to return this year after a cancelled season.

It came as no shock to Lions president Mark Edwards that “Lowey” was selected for this prestigious award, given his work ethic and the relationships he forms with his players.

“It doesn’t come as a surprise to me. A part of his role and his position is training and connecting people,” Edwards said.

“He connects with the kids because he is a big kid and that’s a terrific thing.

“His nature is very much along the lines of being inclusive. Being an Aboriginal person, he certainly wants to make sure everyone’s included and that’s a part of the process.”

Hunter (back-right) standing with his Under 11s Belmont Lions side.

In a statement by AFL Victoria, it cites Hunter as, “arriving to a struggling junior’s team who wasn’t getting required numbers to play each week and the kids were disengaged”.

“Lowell has worked hard to bring fun and consistency to training and to the kids. He has built the Junior team to strength.

“His coaching philosophy and practices are exactly what the game required in the current climate, priding himself in making sure that each individual player learns and understands the game and develops throughout the season.”

The Belmont Lions are well-known for being a culturally safe club and Lowell is a huge part of that according to the club’s president.