Buccaneers get Australian call-up

May 12, 2024 BY

L-R: Geelong Buccaneers players Christian Barsic and George Limb have been selected to this year's Outback Under 20 Australian Gridiron Team. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

THE chance of a lifetime awaits two Geelong-based Gridiron football players, after being selected to the Australian Under 20 World Championship team.

Geelong Buccaneers outside linebacker and 20-year-old Christian Barsic and defensive line/full-back and 20-year-old George Limb will head to Canada in June to take on countries from around the world after being selected to the team last month.

Limb was in the shower when he found out he had earned the selection, raising eyebrows of a couple of family members when they heard the elation from the bathroom, shortly before telling Barsic he and his friend had both made the squad.

“We’re both really blessed to receive this opportunity and extremely privileged to be able to represent the country and the club on this stage,” Barsic said.

“I started playing in 2018 as a 12-year-old in an Under 19 men’s comp due to lack of juniors, so starting that first year was definitely a bit nerve-wracking, but it set in motion something I love more than anything.

“This selection certainly shows me the work has been for something and I’m just super excited to show off what I can offer in the sport.”

The World Championships will invite National Football League and collegiate-level scouts to the event, to try and find standout international talents.

Players will engage in a seven-day training camp before games commence.

Limb says he is not feeling the nerves yet, but expects those to arrive later on.

“I’m pretty much just excited at the moment, I’m not really nervous about it at all. I think those will increase on the plane ride over, but I’m just excited for the opportunity.

“The number of scouts and people there to watch us to see what we can do is just awesome, I’m just really keen to get out there and try to prove myself and hopefully that will guide me to a future in the sport overseas.”

The pair will need to fundraise approximately $9,000 each to cover air fares and travelling costs to get to Canada.

To find out how you can help Christian and George, contact the Buccaneers at

[email protected].