Family connection strong at Anglesea

January 28, 2021 BY

There is no shortage of father-sons at Anglesea Cricket Club, with the club being part of Saturday afternoons for many families.

THERE is something about the Anglesea Cricket Club culture that sees players who explore other opportunities always finding their way back.

This has resulted in an amazing amount of father-sons still involved in the club, with more than 20 father-son combinations still connected to the club.

For some of these their playing days are over, but the name continues to run through the Anglesea rooms across the generations.

Anglesea Cricket Club president Brett Venables said the club had a great community environment with a host of family connections involved, whether it be out on the field, scorers, in administration or even just regulars who come along and support the club on a weekend.

“They really do follow in their dad’s footsteps, it’s a great aspect of our club,” Venables said.

“The list goes on of guys who came home.

“It’s a whole community, the sons of fathers who have been around the club and watched their dads play from a young age.”

Venables said while it was difficult to put a finger on exactly what it is about the club’s culture that makes it so rich, he felt the equality among the ranks created an environment you wanted to be a part of.

“The environment we have around the club (is great), it doesn’t matter if you’re an A-grade player or the last picked in the C-grade team, everyone gets on so well.

“It comes down to that mateship that we have at the club, we’re very welcoming to anyone who comes down.”

Anglesea is not only boasting positives off the field, but out in the middle it is at the top of its game.

In the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association first grade, the Roos sit undefeated on top of the ladder. In the B1 competition it remains in the top two, while the C grade side continues to develop.

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