GSCC encourages more than races

April 14, 2022 BY

Members of the GSCC competing in a "Vets" race near Winchelsea. Photos: SUPPLIED

A SURF COAST-based cycling club is urging riders 30 years or older to join an encouraging community that provides safe exercise to people no matter their age.

Love of cycling is the common thread between every member of the Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club (GSCC) whether they ride socially or competitively.

This was the reason committee member Murray Riggs joined the club six years ago.

“Being in a photography shop six days a week, I needed to find a way to focus on my health, which is when my friends encouraged me to join the GSCC,” Riggs said.

“Before I knew it, I had become part of a social network where locals were all riding together and I was taking part in community events like the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Road Race.

“The camaraderie was terrific to be a part of.”



A GSCC rider competing in a “Vets” race near Winchelsea.


GSCC was formed back in 1977 as the first club in the region to cater to veteran riders.

Today, the club runs a variety of road races in the town of Paraparap every Sunday at 9am and Wednesday at 10am.

“Some of the younger guys at the club closer to 30 years of age are dedicated to their racing each Sunday, but some of us older guys in our 60s and 70s see more benefit in the social side of things,” Mr Riggs said.

“GSCC events are “safe races” and it’s terrific exercise for your health if new cyclists are thinking about joining.

“You get a lot of help from members who teach you how to ride in groups and set up your bike properly, it’s a really inviting club.”

GSCC’s marquee event The Jack Griffin 70km Trophy Race will run on Sunday, May 1.

Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club is located at the corner of Hendy Main and Grassdale roads, Paraparap.

Interested cyclists can email [email protected] for more information.