Billy Barnes in action for the Tigers.

Thank you, Billy

May 15, 2019 BY

Dear Billy,

As a coach I’m trying to find the right words to write you, but I’m battling emotionally.

I’m battling because, you are one of the first “boys” that I’ve coached and witnessed grow into an outstanding leader and person.

You’ve been an amazing person to have at the club, particularly as a first-time coach. I needed players that would support me and be willing to invest in the cause.

It wasn’t just you but your wife Sheridan too. I didn’t really ever get to know Shez, but I’d love you to pass on my thanks to her for supporting you get to training nights, leaving her “one out” against your son Bennett and daughter Indi. I can only imagine is a handful. And that’s not to mention following you to every game and cheering you and the Tigers on regardless of the weather and result.

The decision to do what you are committing to sums you up: selfless, kind, resilient, uncompromising and loyal.

Your mum has taught you well, and to go and live closer to her for your family to get to know her is what she would appreciate no doubt.

This isn’t a goodbye old mate, this is a thank you. Thanks for coming to the Torquay Football Club and giving us success.

Good friends/teammates don’t say “goodbye”, they simply say “See you soon”.

Bill, your decision has inspired me to be a better husband, father, son and coach.

Always a tiger,


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