THE SANDS TORQUAY – November 22, 2018

November 21, 2018 BY

Wednesday November 14

Stableford off the Blue Tees for the Men today. It was John Thompson [12] who came out the winner, finishing on a ridiculous 42 points! Great effort John. Runner-up was Scott Rixon [5], as he closed out his round on 39 points. The ball pool for the day ran down the line to 35 points, with Stan Humphreys (7th hole, 1.48m) and Gavan Clark (17th hole, 5.10m) taking home the nearest to pins.

Thursday November 15

Stableford off the Red Tees for the Ladies competition. It was a tight competition at the top of the leaderboard. Norma Schultz [38] was the eventual winner, ending her round on a huge 40 points. Paulette Payne [26] was the close runner-up, finishing on 39 points. The ball pool ran down the line to 31 points, with Wendy Muller (7th hole) and Jan Swain (13th hole) taking home the nearest to pins.

Saturday November 17

Blue Tee Stableford for the Men today. The sun was shining throughout the day and a cool breeze was present, which had the potential to cause havoc. 100 golfers competed leading to a three-grade comp. In A grade we had Mike Trickey [4] record a score of 37 points, which was enough to claim the winners title and highest score of the day. Runner-up went to David Mallett [3], who closed out his round on 35 points. It was a tight affair in B grade, as Geoffrey Proposch [12] came out the winner on after c/b, recording 36 points, from Dylan Everett [16] on the same score. Once again, C grade came down to a c/b, with Paul Martonhelyi [27] coming out on top over Ray Chappell [27], with both men finishing their rounds on 36 points. Ball pool for the day went down to 34 points. Red Tee Stableford for the Ladies competition. It was Linda Turner [18] on 39 points which was enough to take home the competition winnings from Mandeem Trevena [42], who was close behind on 38 points.

Sunday November 18

Great weather again today with a Par medley competition being played off the White tees for Men and Gold tees for the Ladies. Today’s winner was David Wall [14], who blitzed the field to finish up on +7! David’s round included an eagle on the 12th hole, great effort all around! Michael Wait’s [20] final score of +3 was good enough for runner-up on the day. The ball pool ran down the line to +1.

Round 5 of the Black Tee Series was also played today. It was Brad Evans [19] coming out on top with a whopping score of 40 points! Unbelievable effort. Runner-up went to Paul Binyon [10] on 36 points, while the 3rd place getter was Michael Roberts [15] on 34 points. The ball pool ran down the line to 31 points.