Torquay Golf Club – November 2, 2017

December 11, 2017 BY

MONDAY October 16 was the monthly vets/seniors green tee day and the weather was very kind to our players.

Lyndon Langan scored an impressive 30 points for 12 holes followed by Bill Binks on 29 points. Gwen Hand took out the ladies with 28 points and Robyne Soulsby came 2nd with 26 points. Grame Nash won the 3rd NTP.

The next game will be on November 20 and the booking sheet is already open.

Tuesday October 17 the ladies played Stableford and Julie Bottomley took out A Grade with 37 points.

B grade winner Mary Sweet had 40 points and C grade went to Jane Mann scoring 41 points. Isabel Mahon won the Resort comp with 38 points. Our super six winners for this week were Jeannette Kent for the Red tees with 17 points and for the Resort tees Noel Orwin 14 points.

NTPs Judy Bell, Kathy Simson, Heather Wemyss-Smith, Marjorie Bayard, Isabel Mahon and Paula Mitchell hit the jackpot.

Wednesday October 18, Garry Smith shot 41 points to take out A Grade. B Grade went to Santo Giallo with 40 points. C Grade winner Rex Dale had 43 points and John Bleazby took out D Grade with 38 points. Ian Sheldon scored 40 points to win the Resort comp. Maxwell McLoughlin (Wagga Wagga GC) won the guest comp with 45 points. NTPs Tony Gosgrave, John Brunt, Ross Forbes, Eric Black, Ron Fish and Evan Huebner hit the jackpot.

Friday October 20, A Grade winner Laurie Taylor shot 37 points and B Grade went to Alan Tompkin with 40 points. Mary Sweet took out the ladies with 33 points. Our guest winner Ben Simpson (Mount Xavier GC) had 37 points. NTPs Cheryl Brunt, Joe Magliano, Ben Simpson and John Brunt hit the jackpot.

Saturday October 21, Blue tee winners – A Grade Laurie Taylor +3; B Grade Sid Chandley +6; Black Tee winner was Terry Lee +4. Resort winner Roy Ball shot +6 and the ladies went to Marina Naughton with sq. NTPs Robert Speakman, Lyn Brady, Karen Grayling, Graeme Sharp, Jason Moran, Andrew Ranner, John Calnin, Mattew Stokes the jackpot.

Sunday October 22 John Corcoran finished first for A Grade with 42 points. B Grade winner Ken Scott shot 43 points. NTPs Dave Miocic, Bruce Dyer, Wayne Barrett hit the jackpot.

Tuesday October 24 Diane Liley shot 71 to win A Grade. B Grade winner Jill Chick had 71 and C Grade went to Jeanette Kent with 67 giving her the best score of the day to take out the medal. Michele Hayes won the Resort with an impressive 47 points.

NTPs Lois Matthews, Ros Lewis, Joye Burton, Ann Denham, Jeanette Kent, Cheryl Mostyn and Jenni Cottrill shared the jackpot.

Golf shop: results are a little behind due to golf week but watch this space, we will catch up soon.

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