6 Reasons Why Quality Matters When Buying Outdoor & Camping Gear

November 21, 2023 BY

Spending time outdoors for extended periods is a great way to create unforgettable memories. But it also brings challenges as you will face unpredictable and demanding conditions.

Before you head out on the next adventure in a recreational or tactical capacity, take some time to reevaluate your gear. Choosing high-performance outdoor equipment from a trusted name like Aquaterro makes all the difference when facing nature’s wrath. 

Continue reading for six compelling reasons why your outdoor and camping gear’s quality matters more than you think.


1. Safety and Reliability

Outdoor recreational and professional activities expose your body to numerous threats. So when choosing gear, considering the safety of yourself, your family, and your wider team is paramount.

The quality of your gear’s design and final manufacturing can directly affect your safety when out in the bush. Outdoor equipment built from substandard raw materials and using poor manufacturing methods may leave you vulnerable.

Tents and swags are a good example here. High winds, heavy rains, and extreme temperatures can directly threaten the structural integrity of cheaper tents and swags, leaving you with a less than comfortable sleeping situation. Knowing that your equipment is engineered specifically for these conditions gives you peace of mind and the confidence you’ll need when things get challenging in the backcountry.

Failures from inferior gear, such as torn straps, snapped poles, and ripped boots, are magnified when weather conditions are bad. Search and rescue may be hours away, so your gear needs to be functioning at its best, and working to protect you from the rigours of nature.


2. Pay for Durability 

If you spend significant time working or playing outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that you’re investing in premium gear to ensure durability. In doing so, you’ll be rewarded with equipment that outlasts inferior products and saves you money in the long run.

Using cheap, poorly designed equipment isn’t recommended for those who work professionally outdoors or engage in frequent recreational activities like hunting, camping, and fishing. Chances are you’ll have to replace these products repeatedly since they aren’t engineered to be in constant service.

The faults of discount outdoor gear become readily apparent once it is continually exposed to the elements. Colour fades, poor sewing techniques result in failures, and cheap plastic construction means you’ll be likely to experience cracking or even the outright breakage of your gear.

In the long run, you’ll save money and reduce your exposure to severe injuries by only choosing the best gear available for serious outdoor work and recreation.


3. Investing in Superior Comfort

For those hoping to enjoy a fun camping trip or a safe mission in the bush, your gear should provide the most comfort and protection possible. Comfortable gear allows you to move freely, do your work, and sleep soundly.

Quality gear provides ample insulation from the elements like water and cold temperatures. It shields you from sharp rocks, broken glass, rough terrain, plant matter (i.e. twigs and branches or poisonous plants), and perhaps even exposure to insects and insect bites.

Well-engineered packs and bags provide padded and adjustable straps for an unrestricted range of movement and even weight distribution. This gives you reduced back and shoulder strain during those long hikes. Quality boots meant for the outdoors adequately support your feet, preventing blisters and aching legs while providing wet and dry traction for stability on challenging terrain surfaces.

Proper head and eye protection provides a barrier to UV rays and keeps your eyes safe from injury and discomfort from dirt and foreign objects.


4. Form & Functionality

Choosing high-quality gear lets consumers choose purpose-built products. A one-size-fits-all backpack won’t work the best for all situations. Choosing the pack engineered explicitly for the activity you enjoy (hiking, mountain climbing, hunting) boosts your overall benefit and value. Well-designed gear offers innovative features tailored to enhance the user experience, saving time and effort.

Quality gear is designed with innovative features that enhance its functionality. From advanced waterproofing technologies in clothing to efficient stove systems and versatile multi-tools, these elements make a substantial difference in your outdoor experience.

5. Weight & Portability

Suppose you prioritise carrying less weight and want efficient mobility. Quality purpose-built gear gives you these benefits without sacrificing functionality.

Heavier gear slows you down and causes premature fatigue. This is detrimental to tactical situations and diminishes enjoyment during recreation. Choosing quality gear means you invested in products built using innovative raw materials, offering increased durability and reduced bulk.

These materials also allow for better packing efficiency. Lights, knives, and torches engineered for tactical personnel and outdoor enthusiasts ensure increased performance while affording maximum portability. Lightweight jackets, pants, and bags compress better, giving you more room for supplies and a lighter load.


6. Versatility

Using multi-purpose gear offers you savings in critical areas. You’ll carry less equipment, saving weight and streamlining your packing lists. Choosing a versatile bag or full-body outfit means being prepared for more situations and multiple climates while spending less overall. Instead of trying to find gear for every specific duty, choose innovative products that offer adaptable features, making them more efficient and valuable.




Choosing quality outdoor gear is an investment in your safety and comfort. For those who prioritise spending valuable time working, camping, and playing outdoors in nature, it’s wise to only use equipment built from the highest-quality materials.

Choose designs that favour functionality, versatility, and comfort. Saving a few dollars on substandard gear meant for casual use in the backyard will increase replacement costs and possibly cause injuries to yourself, colleagues, and loved ones.