Become a community leader in children’s learning

June 8, 2022 BY

Established in 2020, Bendigo’s Kumon franchise is on offer.

A WORLD-leading afterschool education provider is searching for a franchisee to contribute to the learning of local kids, by taking over Kumon Bendigo.

Established exclusively online in 2020, Kumon Bendigo has since helped dozens of students to catch-up in the classroom and even progress towards studying advanced material.

One such student is 10-year-old Zarah Brock, who started Kumon after falling behind in her mathematics. Now, she is making solid progress.

“It’s changed Zarah’s life from having a lack of confidence and not knowing basics in maths, to being more confident and being able to do the work,” said Rachel Brock, Zarah’s mother.

“She’s keeping up with her classmates at school now and not feeling so left out and far behind.”

Zarah also said Kumon has helped her in maths.

“It’s helped me work out maths in my head quicker,” she said. “I can count my money better when I go shopping, and I think I am more confident”.

Rachel said the flexibility of Kumon Bendigo’s online instruction is a big benefit.

“We love studying online,” she said. “It’s so flexible and it just fits in with our family and our lifestyle. It’s just been great to fit Kumon around our appointments and other activities.”

Now that Kumon Bendigo is well-established, Kumon is looking for a prospective franchisee to take over and build a physical presence for the business.

If you love working with children, want to make a difference, and own your own business, Kumon would love to hear from you.

Please contact the Kumon team on [email protected] or 0406 158 854 if interested.

Kumon is an individualised program that develops student’s self-learning through the study of mathematics and English worksheets.

It is a partnership between parent, student and Kumon instructor, to fully pursue each child’s potential and develop their ability to the maximum.

Student’s progress independently at their own pace. They develop confidence, a daily study habit, and a high level of mathematics and reading ability.

Kumon has operated in Australia and New Zealand since 1984, currently supporting 50,000 students to develop fundamental calculation and reading comprehension skills.

Kumon is all about successful partnerships between parents, students and instructors.