Learn self-defence and feel confident

February 29, 2024 BY

A free women’s self-defence class is being offered in Bendigo in late April.

KWANJANG Ray McLean has been training in the martial arts for fifty-eight years and teaching the arts for forty-six of them.

In the 1980s Kwanjang Nim Ray McLean was one of the first instructors to start up women’s self-defence classes.

Kwanjang Mclean is a big believer that all women should learn some form of self-defence.

He has taught many women self-defence skills, in New South Wales, across the world, in business groups, and the list just goes.

Now that he is here in Victoria, he plans on starting up these classes again in 2024 and all the classes are run and supervised by Raymond McLean himself.

Women’s self-defence classes are specifically designed programs to empower women with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

These classes focus on teaching techniques that enhance situational awareness, build confidence, and provide practical self-defence skills.

The moves are easy to learn and highly effective for women and girls in an enjoyable, non-threatening environment.

I am running a free self-defence class for women on Sunday 21 April from 10am to 12pm.

These will be held at the Ironbark Tennis Club located at 230-238 Don Street in Bendigo.

Bookings are essential and can be made via [email protected] or phone 0432 303 901.