Orchestra’s young talent to shine

June 15, 2024 BY

The music selected for the concert accentuates the skills of the orchestra.

THE Melbourne Youth Orchestra will make an historic visit to Bendigo for its first regional Victorian performance at the end of the month.

The concert at Ulumbarra Theatre will be led by one of Australia’s most dynamic young conductors, Carlo Antonioli, and feature Bendigo’s Jancia Schepisi and David Stockwell.

Schepisi (tuba) and Stockwell (percussion) have been part of the program for several years, joining other ensembles within the MYO group including the Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra and Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony.

Music director and resident conductor Brett Kelly said MYO was the cream of the crop.

“Young Melbourne and Victorian instrumental talent…all come together in one orchestra and play full, professionally designed orchestral concerts.

Overflowing aptitude: The Melbourne Youth Orchestra brings together the cream of young Melbourne and Victorian instrumental talent. Photos: DAVID NG


“It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase what they do, and also to just learn and absorb from the conductors, the tutors and mentors that come in and work with them, and they also learn from each other.”

Mr Kelly said the music selected to be included in the Bendigo show has been designed to accentuate the skills of the 95-member group.

“If you asked me to pick some of the very greatest orchestral music there is, this would be it,” he said.

“It is exciting, it’s passionate; passion at a level that’s almost barely comprehensible.

“If you love incredibly vivid and romantic orchestral music, if you love just celebrating the talent and exuberance of youth, and you just love being in the musical equivalent of the MCG during the grand final, then you’ve just got to be at this concert.”

Students from across the region can attend the show on June 30 for free, plus watch rehearsals and join the musicians for lunch.

For more information, head to the Bendigo Venues & Events website.