Brigade marks century of service

January 12, 2022 BY

Commemorate: Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek CFA captain Noel Davis. Photo: PETER WEAVING

THIS Sunday, the Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek CFA is celebrating a very special milestone.

The brigade will mark 100 years in the region with the unveiling of a plaque by past and present firefighters.

Current Captain Noel Davis said when the brigade first started in 1922, the 32 members paid five shillings to offer their service.

“The first equipment they bought was 10 beaters used to beat the fires with, and one stirrup pump,” he said.

That’s what they started off with and nowadays we’ve got in excess of $1.5 million worth of equipment including two trucks, two sheds and radios and all things that go with it.”

There are currently 60 members in the brigade, with 26 active firefighters.

Captain Davis said the level of celebration is still “up in the air” due to COVID restrictions, however all locals are welcome to witness the plaque unveiling at 11am.

Very fond of the brigade’s history, Captain Davis is currently working on a book focused on the important moments of the essential service.

“The brigade has saved a lot of heartache by putting fires out over the years. It’s an essential service and because it’s volunteers, it’s just great,” he said.

“If we didn’t have the fire brigade, we’d get burnt out every year.”

Captain Davis also said he has high admiration of the hundreds of volunteers who have put in countless hours to ensure the smooth running of the fire brigade over the last 100 years.

“There’s those that turn up for fires, but those that do the work, it’s unbelievable the time and effort they put into the brigade,” he said.

The plaque will be unveiled this Sunday at 11am at the Sutton Grange Station on Faraday Road.