Call to help hospital

June 23, 2022 BY

Donation call: Anthony Colling, left, can hear again thanks to new hearing aids funded through the Bendigo Health Foundation. Photo: SUPPLIED

BENDIGO Health is calling on the community to donate to its foundation and improve support for all patients, with an end-of-financial-year tax appeal.

The foundation is entirely donation-funded and the money allows the hospital to purchase specialist equipment and help patients receive treatment in the comfort of their homes.

One hospital patient, Anthony Colling, has Down syndrome and had his hearing tested at the after his dad noticed he wasn’t responding to sounds.

Funded by the Bendigo Health Foundation, Mr Colling’s new hearing aids have helped him get his hearing back.

Audiologist Johanna Tan said she was able to determine Mr Colling’s hearing levels through an Interacoustic Eclipse machine and is happy with his outcome.

“Using our equipment, I could determine Anthony’s hearing levels without him having to provide behavioural input,” she said.

“It’s been fantastic to be able to tell our patients and other audiologists in the community that yes, we can get results for that tricky patient.”

The Bendigo Health Foundation has also been crucial in funding programs and equipment at the Gobbé Cancer Wellness Centre, allowing for more staffing hours and purchases of breakthrough technology such as sleep pods.

Fundraising money has also gone to the hospital’s children’s ward, enabling Bendigo Health to buy equipment specifically for paediatrics, such as a bladder scanner and vein finder.

All donations are tax-deductable, and the campaign ends on 30 June. You can donate at bendigohealthfoundation.org.au/taxappeal2022.