City cools on winter pool as gas prices heat up

February 23, 2024 BY


RISING gas prices have resulted in a move by the City of Greater Bendigo to shut down a community pool during winter because it can’t afford to keep heating it.

Despite receiving $167,000 a year from the municipality, a spokesperson for the Bendigo East pool committee said running a gas-heated pool has become too costly.

Municipal manager of active and healthy communities Amy Johnston said officers and committee members looked at a range of cost saving measures.

“Options included lowering the temperature of the pool, therefore using less gas, and reducing the pool’s operating hours, but such changes were deemed not to have enough impact on overall operating costs to remain open year-round,” she said.

“The pool will transition to operating seasonally and open during the warmer months, similar to other seasonal pools across Greater Bendigo.

“The committee and City staff will use the coming months to determine the length of the 2024/2025 summer season, based on what is affordable as it is intended that the pool remain heated.”

The pool will close for the winter season on 12 April, with City staff using the coming months to plan the next summer season.

Lifeguards and pool staff will be supported in finding alternative work within the winter months.

Patrons can have their season passes honoured at the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre or refunded.