Colourful works come to life

February 26, 2023 BY

Creative: Frankie O’s works are on display at the Living Arts Space. Photo: FILE

A NEW exhibition is swooping into Living Arts Space at the Bendigo Visitors Centre

Titled Swoop the exhibit is a celebration of the vibrant works by local artist Frankie O.

Inspired by her surroundings, the exhibition includes multiscale paintings, embellished prints, linework and mixed media texture.

“Frankie O is a Bendigo-based artist whose art practice began from her desire to capture the inspirational places around her,” said Living Arts Space curator Amy Carr-Bottomley.

“Her energetic depictions of local landmarks and wildlife are embraced by residents and visitors alike.

“This is a stunning free exhibition to immerse yourself in the animated world of Frankie O, a truly eye-catching adventure.”

As part of the exhibition live painting and collage making sessions will be held by Frankie O every Saturday at 10.30am.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to see how different works evolve during the two-hour process with insights from the artist on the approach, techniques and use of colour,” Ms Carr-Bottomley said.

A series of workshops will also be held in March and April where participants get to take home their completed work.

Swoop is open until Sunday, 23 April and for more information visit bit.ly/3Z8NBvE.