Concern over power study

June 15, 2024 BY

Please explain: Melton Airfield operator Evan Reeve has asked AusNet for consultation on works near the main runway. Photo: SUPPLIED

THE operator of a nearby airfield has raised concerns over recent works being conducted, but the power company says it is consulting with him on its plans.

Evan Reeve runs the Melton Airfield, and said last week that he’d “had no engagement from AusNet since before Christmas”.

On Tuesday 4 June, Mr Reeve was flying with a student when he spotted AusNet doing works nearby.

“AusNet have been working along the northern boundary of Macphersons Park and west into Clinton Welsh’s property,” he said.

“Today I was flying with a student, and they, AusNet, were working on what I would assume to be a tower position, directly in line with the extended centre line of our main runway.

“Now that I know where the tower would be, I was passing over the top of the proposed powerlines/tower with 100 feet clearance.

“I’d offer any of the management at AusNet to come for a fly with me, and see how comfortable they would feel with the towers in that position.”

When asked about Mr Reeve’s concerns about potential tower works near the runway, and a lack of consultation, an AusNet spokesperson said the company was engaging with Mr Reeve to discuss the works.

“We’re meeting with Mr Reeve this week to understand and work through his concerns,” AusNet’s spokesperson said on Tuesday.

“Aviation experts have been engaged in the process and are preparing studies for the Environment Effects Statement.

“The project has been conducting extensive geotechnical works to investigate the rock and soil profile in the ground along the entire proposed route.

“These works will continue along the proposed route over the next three months.”