Core support for push-up challenge

June 24, 2022 BY

Fit and fundraising: Anytime Fitness trainers Matt Adams, Matt Nunan and Lani Bullen have been participating in the Push-Up Challenge, raising funds for Lifeline Central Victoria and Mallee. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

DOING more than three-thousand push ups in twenty-four days might appear daunting, but for trainers at Anytime Fitness, being involved in the Push-Up Challenge just makes sense.

The gym, which has locations in Kangaroo Flat and Kennington, currently has 24 participants completing the challenge, which involves 3139 push-ups over 24 days in June, representing the number of people who died by suicide in 2020.

Club manager Lani Bullen said partnering with Lifeline Central Victoria and Mallee was a simple choice, as she knows how important mental health facilities are.

“When we started the Push-Up Challenge a couple years ago during a lockdown, it was just a bit of a way to interact with other people online,” she said. “This year, I saw the local Lifeline was an option to support.

“It’s become a really strong connection, to the point where I’ve applied to volunteer for the tech support crisis [at Lifeline]. It’ll be cool to get involved with that as well.”

Ms Bullen said it’s important for gyms to be involved with fundraising efforts, particularly around mental health, as they’re often a place where people feel comfortable opening up.

“One of the first things a doctor will advise if you’re struggling is to start exercising,” she said.

“Most of us as trainers have struggled with our own mental health and are pretty open to it. We know it’s important and we know the impact it can have on people.

“When you’re exercising you can be a little bit vulnerable, and I think that’s important in getting to know someone enough for them to open up.”

Anytime Fitness has raised over $900 this month.

According to The Push-Up Challenge founder Nick Hudson, over 95 million push-ups have been completed this month, and over $7.4 million has been raised for mental health services including Lifeline and Movember.