Eaglehawk tradition soon back in bloom

February 27, 2024 BY

Flower power: The titular flowers are back at the centre of Eaglehawk's famous Dahlia and Arts Festival. Photo: FILE

THE Eaglehawk community is getting ready for its fifty-first annual Dahlia and Arts Festival and there is a lot on the program to get excited about.

Over the three-day festival, there will be a range of art on display, as well as art and writing competitions, and family friendly events like the Eaglehawk UFS Gala Parade, and a free film screening at Star Cinema.

“The best way to enjoy the Saturday, is everything’s going to open up at 10.30am with a smoking ceremony and a welcome at the town hall,” said festival convenor Reece Hendy.

“We’ve got some roving entertainment out on the street beforehand with a mermaid looking for a home somewhere in Eaglehawk.

“From there, you’ve got about two or three hours to kind of walk around and explore Eaglehawk with an art exhibition, the dahlia show; there’s a multicultural festival at the front of the park.”

Mr Hendy said he grew up in Eaglehawk and witnessed many Dahlia and Arts Festivals.

In recent years, he said he has noticed what seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of gardening and flower growing.

“It started off as being about dahlias and it’s shifted away from that over time,” Mr Hendy said. “It’s had other areas of focus like the parade and other things.

“But it’s funny how it’s come full circle on the dahlias, they’re a drawcard again.”

The 2024 Dahlia and Arts Festival runs from 15 to 17 March and more information ca be found at eaglehawkfestivals.com.au.