Fathers program comes to Eaglehawk

June 25, 2021 BY

Child’s play: Fathers and father figures at Eaglehawk Primary School participated in a Fathering Project program, which included ball games, a barbecue and making paper planes. Photo: SUPPLIED

DADS, father figures and even grandparents have recently shared a special afternoon with their children at a local school.

Eighty children and 65 dads got together for an afternoon of paper plane making, ball games and a barbecue at Eaglehawk Primary School’s first Fathering Project launch event.

The program was launched in 2013, designed to engage fathers and father figures for the benefit of the children.

Former AFL player and coach Rodney Eade helped present the project to Eaglehawk PS and said the children were thrilled by the day.

“Every single one of their faces lit up, and you could tell just how excited they were to have their father figure at the school,” he said.

Eaglehawk Primary in-school coordinator Rhys Barri said the excitement was shared by parents and staff alike.

“It was an amazing day and we’ve had really positive feedback from parents. Even the staff were thrilled to see so many dads and adults in the school, as a strong home-school partnership supports positive learning,” he said.

“Programs that promote father and father figures’ engagement are incredibly beneficial for our school community. It helps us work towards creating stronger relationships and connections between fathers, children and the school.”

Eaglehawk Primary principal Fiona Lindsay said the response to the program was fantastic.

“When we saw 65 dads turn up, we couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“To see the children’s reactions and seeing them enjoy their afternoon with their fathers and father figures was amazing. We know our families want the best for their children and this just proved it.”