Fruit and veg stall a family affair

November 29, 2023 BY

Fresh: The daughters of a local small produce co-owner Bryce Scott and his partner have set up a roadside fruit and veg stall where nothing is more than five dollars. Photo: SUPPLIED

A FAMILY who has recently moved to Woodvale and run a fruit and veg business with some friends has put up a roadside stall at the front of their property. 

One of the owners, Bryce Scott, said their company buys and on sells goods from local farms at stalls around Bendigo, Kerang, and Swan Hill.  

“Our two daughters just wanted to set up their own little stall out the front,” he said. 

“They’re five and seven, they just decided they want to do their own little thing and get pocket money, and it teaches them you’ve got to work for the money. 

They sell a range of mostly seasonal produce, all under five dollars. 

“Basically, because we’re seasonal, generally in the summer we have a lot of fruit, as in stone fruit and rockmelon, watermelon, things like that,” said Mr Scott. 

“Some veggies, so capsicums and all that sort of stuff, and then the same in the middle of winter. 

“We’re just seeing how this goes for the girls basically and if it goes alright and gets a bit of interest then yeah, we’ll track down some more stuff to put on there.” 

Mr Scott said because the produce comes from neighbouring farmers, he believes they on sell them at below market prices.  

“Obviously the stuff we grow, we just try to keep it around that market price, that way it can’t be any dearer than what the supermarkets and all that sell it for,” he said. 

“We’re pretty confident it would be cheaper than supermarkets and all that, especially with the prices of everything these days. 

Mr Scott said they will make sure the fruit and veggies are kept as fresh as possible as it gets warmer. 

The fruit and veg stall is at 376 Bendigo Pyramid Road, Woodvale, and payment is by cash through an honesty box.