Health info in your ear

January 14, 2022 BY

Now streaming: Bendigo Health’s new podcast is aiming to break down daunting health topics. Photo: FILE

BENDIGO Health has launched a new podcast in an effort to educate more people about specific elements of the health system.

The podcast will be published fortnightly with a different topic each episode and feature clinical professionals and stories from patients.

Director of public affairs at Bendigo Health Sarah McAdie said she hopes the service will provide a beneficial resource for people across the region.

“Bendigo Health is excited to be launching into the world of podcasts,” she said. “This is something we really feel will benefit our patients and community in terms of expanding their own ability to access health information.

“We know that it’s a really scary time if you or a loved one gets diagnosed with an illness and there’s so much information out there.

“Doctor Google can produce a lot of information but knowing you’re getting it from a trusted source can be a hard thing to determine.”

Ms McAdie said podcasts as an informative medium is a concept that has grown in popularity over the last few years, and podcasts about health have proved popular with listeners.

With the first few episodes covering topics such as voluntary assisted dying and clinical trials for cancer treatments, Ms McAdie said the aim is for the community to interact with the health service and suggest episode topics.

“Bendigo Health services the entire Loddon Mallee area, so we don’t want this podcast to just be about Bendigo,” she said.

“We want it to be across the Loddon Mallee area to help our communities in the area to access great healthcare, but also find out more about their health journeys.”