Healthy habits the topic at neighbourhood centre

March 23, 2024 BY

Health talks: Chatty Cafe at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre will facilitate a conversation around healthy habits next week.

ANOTHER instalment of Chatty Café is scheduled at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre (LGNC) next week with a focus this time on healthy living.

Representatives for Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS)will attend LGNC to talk about general health advice and provide information on some of the services available to the community.

“We will focus mainly on getting back to the basics around looking after ourselves,” said Siobhan Sullivan, senior health promotion and community engagement officer for BCHS.

“We’ll look at running a few different activities such as mindful eating, looking at the five food groups, and also providing some resources looking at where to go to get information.”

Current research suggests that many Australians aren’t reaching recommended guidelines for nutrition and physical activity, and according to Ms Sullivan there are plenty of reasons this can happen.

“We know that food insecurity has been a big thing on everyone’s mind, being able to access healthy food and also the cost has increased,” she said.

The session will facilitate a discussion around overcoming the barriers to healthy eating, such as food insecurity, that people in the community can experience.

“We really try to focus on trying to provide the resources and information on where to get further tips and tricks around healthy meals that are cheap,” Ms Sullivan said.

In addition to nutritional advice, the session will also include simple ways to increase physical activity and the long-term benefits of incorporating healthy habits.

Chatty Café is free to attend and the next one is at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre on the 26 March at 10.30 am.