Local artist profile: Angie Robinson

October 15, 2023 BY

Handily crafted: Angie Robinson said she’s attracted to colour and intricate detail in designs, such as works by artists including Gustav Klimt and Freidensreich Hundertwasser. Photo: SUPPLIED.

THIS week we chat with ceramicist and mosaic artist Angie Robinson, whose self-guided approach to and passion for ceramics is built around a deep connection to the materials and processes at play.


What motivated you to become a ceramicist and mosaic artist?

My creative journey began with very detailed cross stitch embroidery. I progressed onto jigsaws, especially large puzzles over many months. Once completed, these would be packed up in their box to make room for the next, leaving nothing to see! I loved focusing on the fine detail and intricate work.

Some years ago I moved on to mosaics as it was more permanent, but still using very small pieces to create very detailed works. I wanted to enhance some of my mosaic work by making small pieces made out of ceramics. This led me to buying a very small pottery kiln, and the rest is history.


How would you describe your style and how did you develop it?

My approach to ceramics has been self-guided and developed from books, YouTube videos and online courses. My passion for ceramics is built around a deep connection to the materials and the processes, and wanting to explore the many unique ways of combining these elements.

The name of my studio, Scorched Earth, represents this interaction of fire and earth. My style is evolving over time and from piece to piece. Some works require detailed underglazing and decoration, while more recent works focus on unpredictable and organic saggar pieces. All of my work employs hand building techniques, principally coil and slab building.


Which other ceramicists/mosaic artists inspire you and why?

Designs with colour and intricate detail always grab my attention. This can be patterns in nature or works by artists such as Gustav Klimt and Freidensreich Hundertwasser. Among contemporary ceramicists I am a great admirer of Craig Underhill. His work is all hand-built slab work which is very organic and he uses many methods in his pieces. I adore his work.

Ute Grossman produces work that is very colourful and detailed and reminds me of Hundertwasser. Pippin Drysdale is another ceramicist whose work features vivid colours and refined detail.


What are some highlights or fond memories you have from your career so far?

I have been teaching ceramics in my studio for seven years now and am very fortunate to have so many dedicated students. It is so rewarding to share my knowledge with them and watch them progress and grow in their craft.

Like other forms of artistic expression there is a therapeutic side to ceramics; spending time in a small group in the studio has been beneficial for both my students and myself. I now count many of them among my closest friends.

Ceramics as an art form provides an opportunity to keep exploring, experimenting, learning and progressing.


How can people check out your work?

Facebook @Scorched Earth Ceramics, website scorchedearth.com.au, and Instagram @scorched_earth_ceramics1.


Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

Possum Gully Gallery, Adelaide Lead near Maryborough from 4 November to 3 December and

Australian Ceramics Association Open Studios at my studio, 128 Chaplins Road, Walmer from 10am to 4pm on the weekend of 11 and 12 November.


What would you say to young regional ceramicists/mosaic artists who are thinking of making a go of the creative life?

Go for it! It’s not an easy road though. You probably won’t get rich in financial terms, but your life will be enriched with creativity. Ceramics is good for the soul.