Local artist profile: Jared Healy

October 29, 2023 BY

Finger picking good: Jared Healy rocks it across a multitude of various genres. Photo: SUPPLIED

THIS week we chat with blues, rock and country singer and guitarist Jared Healy, whose self-described style has been influenced by Gary Moore, Slash, Bob Seger and Chris Stapleton, and is “a bit of a mash up really”.


What initially motivated you to become a musician?

I’ve always wanted to play the guitar, I think because of growing up in a home that was always full of music. I remember every Saturday morning dad would have the music channel going on the TV. I’d always be mesmerised by players like Gary Moore and Slash and took to learning their styles when I got my first electric guitar.


How would you describe your style?

My style is a bit of a mash up really. I love singers like Bob Seger and Chris Stapleton, and my music kind of finds a midway point between the two when it comes to my solo act. I’ve developed it by learning and listening to different genres of country and folk, which has taken a hold of me and it’s not letting go any time soon.


Which other bands or musicians inspire you and why?

Charles Wesley Godwin is a big one for me right now, as well as Amigo the Devil. I find my writing has really improved while listening to these two guys. Zach Bryan, Hozier, Goodnight Texas, and Tyler Childers are regulars in my playlists too. My upbringing is definitely in classic rock and blues, and I feel like that comes out in the way I play, especially in a band setting.


What are some highlights or fond memories you have from your career so far?

Definitely playing the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival last year when I was invited to play two shows with the Bill Barber Trio, the first of which, playing the main stage, getting to play for a whole lot of people was such a blast. Playing again that night at Gold Dust Lounge where we got to turn up the amps and really go for it made the room feel absolutely electric. For solo stuff, playing the Easter Blues Bender Festival was also just a great time, as well as recently playing a show for the Bendigo Groove Tram.


How has your career been affected by COVID?

I was lucky enough to avoid a lot of the COVID setbacks, due to my career really taking off after the fact. Everyone missing out on so much during those few years where COVID was at its peak made myself, and everyone else, realise how rich our live music scene is in Bendigo, and how lucky we are to have it.


How can people check out your music online?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to put much of my music online. I’m working on it. I’m currently in the process of writing and I’m really happy with the direction it’s heading. I have a video of me doing a Charles Wesley Godwin cover on YouTube, which I’ve shared to all of my social media platforms. Search for Jared Healy Music on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


What would you say to young regional aspiring musicians who are thinking of making a go of the creative life?

Do it. Whatever it takes. Learn that song and don’t be afraid to sing it loud and proud. A great start is to try it out at an open mic night. The Golden Vine in Bendigo does them a couple times a month. That’s actually how I got my start doing solo shows.