Local artist profile: Lloyd Dodsworth

December 17, 2023 BY

Quiet focus: Lloyd Dodsworth said COVID gave him an opportunity to take stock of his work and his approach to content creation. Photo: SUPPLIED

THIS week we chat with guitarist and singer/songwriter Lloyd Dodsworth, who originally hit the stage with his folks at the ripe old age of two, then won his first performing competition a few short years later at the age of four!


What initially motivated you to become a musician?

I’ve been a musician my entire life, first singing on stage with my parents at two years old and then winning my first performing competition at four. Discovering a tune plucked by your own hands, drawing out some unique lyrics and gluing it all together with a vocal melody is a method of expression like no other. Add to that the intoxicating experience of actually performing your work to people and having them enjoy and sometimes even relate to it, and you have something truly special.


How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my musical style as ballad and guitar focused acoustic indie-folk, largely developed through performing pop ballads and fingerpicking folk music and listening to 70s soul, 80s funk and 90s rock outfits. My opinion of the genre I play constantly changes. I’ve at times called it acoustic soul, and sometimes future folk.


Which other bands or musicians inspire you and why?

As a vocalist I’ve been inspired by contemporary Australian folk performers like Mandy Connell and Vorn Doolette, as well as musical gymnasts like Freddie Mercury and Jack Black, while my guitarist influences owe a lot to my father, Graham Dodsworth, and Melbourne guitar legend Tim McMillan.


What are some highlights you have from your career so far?

A particular highlight would be performing to several thousand at the National Folk Festival at the age of 15, or seeing one of my albums on vinyl for the first time. I recently had the privilege of participating in a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert and unexpectedly getting up to sing four-part harmonies with the other performers of the night. It’s those sorts of spontaneous moments that stick with you.


How has your career been affected by COVID?

COVID was an interesting beast, as it gave a lot of us an opportunity to take stock of our work and our approach to content creation. I came out of lockdown reinvigorated and ready to get performing again and get another album in the can.


How can people check out your music online?

You can find my music on any major music streaming service by searching for Lloyd Dodsworth, or you can purchase my albums as digital downloads and CDs at lloyddodsworth.bandcamp.com/music, or trek down to Bendigo Records to get a copy on vinyl.


Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m currently in rehearsals for the Bendigo Theatre Company’s pantomime of Treasure Island in January. Check my Facebook and Instagram for news about upcoming shows!


What would you say to young regional aspiring musicians who are thinking of making a go of the creative life?

Any aspiring muso should look no further than their local gigs. It’s the best way to meet other musicians, band bookers, and industry professionals, and generally doubles as a good time! Your local music shops are also great places to find out what’s going on. More generally, I would say just keep writing and playing. Sometimes it’s just an act of getting through the first percentage of songs you write until they start getting really good, and playing as many gigs and open mics as you can. Record yourself and have a listen, you’ll never find someone closer to your music than you.