Meet the royal fundraisers

March 1, 2024 BY

Kings of the car: Lincoln Tauelangi, Jamison Oneill, and Ben Tauelangi are part of the Variety Brats Bash, a road trip trying to raise thousands of dollars for sick kids. Photo: SUPPLIED.

A BENDIGO family are gathering public support as they prepare for an eight-day drive from Victoria to Queensland to raise money for Variety.

Each year, Variety: The Children’s Charity of Victoria organises two car tours that groups can join – the Variety Vic Bash and the Variety Brats Bash.

The team of cousins, Lacey Singe and Jerome Tauelangi, Lacey’s son, Jamison Singe 8, and Jerome’s sons, Lincoln Tauelangi 9, and Ben Tauelangi 7, are on a mission to raise at least $3000 for Victorian kids living with disabilities, illnesses, or disadvantages through the Brats Bash.

Ms Singe said there were several reasons the family decided to take on the challenge, including teaching their kids the value of charity work, and private ones they would rather not have shared.

“We have always wanted to do it,” she said. “We grew up coming from a place where we weren’t able to do it, and now we’re in a position of our lives where we are able to give back.

“It’s definitely dear to our hearts.”

There will be activities and charity work at every stop, including the distribution of grants and funding to recipients chosen by Variety.

“All the fundraising that we do, we actually get to see it go into play as well, which is really great,” said Ms Singe.

The family’s team name is The Kingz, after their primary sponsor, Chip Kingz Bendigo.

Ms Singe said one of the requirements of the Bash is to dress up in themed attire.

The three boys will be dressed as kings, while her and Jerome will be the kings’ guards.

“All day, every day, every team will be dressed up in character,” she said.

The Brats Bash will set off from Echuca on 29 March for the journey to Caloundra,

In the meantime, The Kingz have some fundraising events in Bendigo, including an After School Pool Party on Friday 8 March at the Big Bendi Water Slide from 4pm to 8pm, and a Variety Day at Chip Kingz with games, face painting, raffles and giveaways from 4pm to 7pm.