Memoir of self-discovery ready to launch

March 17, 2024 BY

Little Miss Bendigo returns: Author and mindset specialist Holly Hayes once claimed Little Miss Bendigo, a feat she is following up with a self-published memoir. Photo: SUPPLIED

AN EMERGING writer’s account of her journey through the twists and turns of life is set to launch next month and will be celebrated with a pre-launch party at the Golden Square Hotel.

Holly Hayes’s self-published memoir Looking Forward, Looking Back, documents her personal transformation as she overcame adversity and transitioned from the beauty industry and into mindset.

The author said the majority of the memoir was written during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which she lived in Canada as a result of being unable to return home.

“There’s a lot of tales of heartache and what made me make the move to leave Australia.

“Just thinking that I would do it for a two-year, you know, under 35 I’m on an open work visa and then everything changed during the pandemic and that’s when I pivoted my career.”

Hayes said the idea for the memoir came about as she filled her time with self-directed learning while she was unable to work in Canada due to visa restrictions.

“I decided to just become a student of life and dive into mindset and energy work and thought maybe sharing my story and being vulnerable could help other people that have gone through tough times.”

Although Hayes doesn’t live in Bendigo, she once holidayed in the area with her extended family, a childhood experience that was capped off by winning the Little Miss Bendigo pageant in 1995.

“I spent a lot of time with my nan who lived here,” she said. “I actually won Little Miss Bendigo a very long time ago at the Bendigo show.”

“It’s hilarious and I just found the photo the other day which I’m going to put in my presentation for all the Bendigo locals who are coming to my launch.”

Looking Forward, Looking Back is so titled because as Hayes reflects on her past experience, she is also preparing to become a mother.

“Just to add another level of interest to this story is that I ended up pregnant right before I moved back home,” she said.

“So the fast track of the time line is to get everything out there before I give birth.”

Looking Forward, Looking Back is available for pre-order via itshollyhayes.com.

Registrations for the pre-launch party at Golden Square Hotel on March 24 can also be made via the website.