Men’s check-ups focus for clinic

November 25, 2021 BY

Health: BCHS nurse practitioner Peter Strange visited McKern Steel last week to encourage men to look after themselves. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

NURSE practitioner at Bendigo Community Health Services Peter Strange wants to stop men from dying early.

Last Thursday, Mr Strange visited McKern Steel, a company with approximately 75 per cent male employees, to discuss how men can look after their health from lowering cholesterol to spotting signs of mental health issues.

Mr Strange said his outreach services allows him to visit men in the workplace, where they may be more comfortable.

“If you chat to 20 guys and you do it right, you’ll get four or five guys coming in and accessing the service,” he said. “It’s about going out and meeting guys, especially in their place.

“I always say if they meet the clinician then they’re more likely to turn up.

“There’s a stubbornness or reluctance for men to actually initiate that contact, so workplaces are great, it’s in their environment.”

Mr Strange runs the men’s health clinic at BCHS and said males can often wait too long to visit a clinician or doctor.

“Men seem to be independent and try to deal with their situations themselves, and that’s a strength; we can be a strong person in that way, but it can be a detriment,” he said.

“I often see, if a guy comes in for an annual check-up, it’s booked in by his missus and she can see that he needs care.”

Last Friday was International Men’s Health Day, and according to the State Government’s Department of Health, men are more likely to get sick from a serious health problem than women.

Men visit the doctor less frequently, and often only attend when an illness is in its later stages.

The top 10 causes of premature death in men include heart disease, lung cancer, dementia, blood and respiratory diseases.

McKern Steel have also joined in the cause raising money and awareness for mental health through Movember, with Chief Operations Officer Joe McKern leading the campaign.

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