Missed voters please explain

April 28, 2023 BY

Vote no: The Victorian Electoral Commission is issuing failure to vote notices in the coming days, with recipients required to explain why they did not vote Photo: KAITLYN OFFER/ AAP IMAGE

THOSE who failed to vote in last years State election will have the chance to explain why, with a failed to vote notice to be sent in coming days.

Almost 300,000 people did not vote in last November’s poll and acting electoral commissioner Dana Fleming is urging people who receive the notice to respond with a detailed explanation.

The Victorian Electoral Commission will issue a fine of $92 to those who do not respond within 28 days.

“An ‘apparent failure to vote notice’ is not a fine, it’s a chance to explain why you appear not to have voted,” said Ms Fleming.

“If you respond to the notice, you are much more likely to be excused.

“Completing and sending the notice back to us within the 28-day timeframe gives us a chance to consider your explanation and whether you can be excused.”

In Victoria, voting in State elections is compulsory, and the Commission said they tried to make casting a ballot as easy as possible.

This was done by increasing the number of early voting centres by 50 per cent, extending voting hours and offering telephone assistance for people who need extra help.

There was also the option to vote via post or at drive in centres for people effected by COVID and a text message alert was sent to all voters who gave their contact details.