Moving sculptures unveiled at reservoir

August 6, 2022 BY

Installation: Troy Firebrace with one of his Kinetic exhibition pieces. They are chandeliers that represent new generations. Photo: SUPPLIED

THE next time you walk around Kennington Reservoir, keep your eyes peeled for new installations swaying in the breeze.

Sculptures floating in the lake, decorated trees and hanging fabric installations make up the Kinetic: Art That Movesexhibition, with local artists Yvonne George, Andre Sardone, Roz Effenberg, Sharon Greenaway and Troy Firebrace contributing pieces.

City of Greater Bendigo creative communities coordinator Maree Tonkin said the artists were inspired by the area and the natural movement of the environment.

Kinetic: Art That Moves is a wonderful project where the artists draw inspiration from the flora, the movement of water, natural elements and beauty to create a series of installations,” she said.

“Kinetic comes from the Greek word kinētikos, meaning ‘of motion’. Art can move us in both emotional and physical ways. It prompts people to consider what we see, hear, feel, touch, experience when we are moved by art.”

Ms Tonkin said while the brief was simply movement in art, the artists all included sustainability and care for local landscapes in their designs.

“Kinetic brings together floating sculptures, fabric and decorated trees to create thought-provoking installations with recycled materials being used for some installations,” she said.

“The works can be seen throughout daylight hours during August, and I encourage people to enjoy these unique artworks as they walk or cycle around the reservoir.”

Yorta Yorta artist Troy Firebrace’s works were co-created by Shine Bright Kennington Kindergarten students, creating waterborne chandeliers, and painting dead trees found near the bushland.

He said the artwork was developed using ideas of knowledge passing through generations.

“The large tree stumps along the footpath represents the elders,” he said.

“Their mighty stature above ground level draws your attention, underground, their roots support the earth along the edges of the waterways, holding together the stories of country.

“A chandelier sculpture amongst the water represents the next generation. As they grow, nourished by the water they receive support from the elders who have come before them.”