Nature on display in new exhibition

October 3, 2021 BY

Inspired: Kerry L Brown and Annie Brigdale’s interpretations of local landscapes form the Traverse exhibition at the Living Arts Space. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

THE landscapes of Greater Bendigo provide the inspiration for a collaborative exhibition between artists Kerry L Brown and Annie Brigdale.

On display at the Living Arts Space, Traverse showcases both artists techniques and interpretation of the region’s environment.

Kerry L Brown said she drew inspiration from the walking trails near her home in Flora Hill, and working on the exhibition made her appreciate her own local landscape more.

“I tried to express the feeling of connection and of quiet you get when you go out into the bush or any of the local landscapes on your own and just sit or explore quietly,” she said.

“I just started to look a bit more closely when I walked the dog or went for a drive, I’d just stop somewhere and go explore on foot.

“More than just depicting what you see, for me it was about that feeling of escape, of connection, the ability to slow your breathing, slow your thoughts and just be.”

First Nations artist Annie Brigdale said she took a re abstract approach with her work and was inspired by her own journey and connectedness to country.

“Learning about my Aboriginal heritage means I spend a fair bit of time out on country,” she said.

“It’s great to see any interpretation of country, because the more people capture it and share it, the more we can get it out there that it’s really important to look after it. We’re here to enjoy it but we have to care for it and respect it.”

Both artists believe while their interpretations of local landscapes are different, the works complement each other in the space.

Traverse is on display at the Living Arts Space until 14 November.