Raising funds in memory of a friend

September 24, 2021 BY

Big heart: Paige Ferguson, 9, has raised almost $3000 for the Cancer Council. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

AT just nine years old, Paige Ferguson is proving that just because you’re little, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big difference.

Last year, Paige lost her best friend to cancer.

While she said this made her sad, she wanted to find a way to support other people affected by the disease.

One day she came to her parents with the idea of growing her hair out and donating it.

“I’m going to cut it to my shoulders and then send my hair to the Cancer Council,” Paige said. “They’re going to make wigs for other people.”

Right now, her hair is 35 centimetres, and by November it will be over 36 centimetres, allowing for a premium wig to be made by Sustainable Salon and donated to a child.

Paige’s efforts also include an online Cancer Council fundraiser, which reached its goal of $1000 in just one day and is currently at almost $3000.

She said the money will be used for cancer treatments to help find a cure for the disease “and also to pay for nurses to look after the people.”

“It means so much to me because then someone else doesn’t have to be sad about it,” she said.

Paige’s mum, Leanne Ferguson, is proud of her daughter’s attitude and efforts.

“I want every child to be supported that has to go through this, she has lost her friend and that’s been really hard,” Ms Ferguson said.

“This is something that she’s doing herself to not let other people suffer.”

While much of Paige’s fundraising has been online via the Cancer Council website and her mother’s Facebook page, Paige’s dad Kevin Ferguson said they want to spread the word further in the community.

“These days you share it online on Facebook and everyone can see it and you can communicate it that way, but sometimes I feel like getting out and about in the community when you’re fundraising is more important. It’s just been a struggle in the moment,” he said.

Paige also helps her mum make key rings that are then sold to donators, and already has more ideas in mind, planning to sell cupcakes at school when term four starts.

To contribute to Paige’s fundraiser, visit bit.ly/3zy4qDf.

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