Relieved VCE students get results

December 23, 2021 BY

Class of 2021: Top scoring BSSC VCE student Lachlan Moon with fellow students Lachlan Woodward, Audrey Andrews and principal Dale Pearce. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

AFTER two interrupted years of learning, VCE students across the state woke up last Thursday morning to their final results.

Principal of Bendigo Senior Secondary College Dale Pearce praised this year’s cohort, who have been dealing with extended periods of online learning since 2020.

“They’re a really resilient group of kids, they’ve done well,” he said.

“They’ve had a really tough run, they’ve had two years. Last year’s group was difficult because it was new and so intense and two really long periods of remote learning completely out of the blue.

“But this lot’s been different, there’s been more interruptions. They’ve been shorter, but they’ve had the full two years.”

This year’s top scoring student at BSSC, Lachlan Moon, said he was “a bit surprised” when he received his ATAR of 99.05.

“I wasn’t expecting to get that high, but I’m very proud that I did,” he said.

He said his parents, teachers and friends all helped motivate him to achieve his best.

“I’ve got good friends and a good family, I’ve been given the opportunity to do well, and I made the most of it,” he said.

Another high-performing student, Lachlan Woodward said getting his ATAR was a weight lifted off his shoulders.

“I was pretty happy when I saw it this morning,” he said. “I was really relieved, I just sat there looking at it for 20 minutes like ‘oh it’s all over’.”

Mr Woodward said he enjoyed being back at school to finish off the year, however peer Audrey Andrews had a different view.

“I actually liked remote learning because the distractions were a little bit less,” she said.

This year’s year 12s had until Monday to list their university preferences, with the first round of offers released mid-January.