Shining a light on business challenges

June 14, 2022 BY

Work together: CEO of Business Council of Australia Jennifer Westacott will speak at the Strong Australia business lunch on Saturday, 17 June. Photo: BIANCA DE MARCHI/ AAP IMAGE

BUSINESS leaders across the country will convene in Bendigo for an upcoming Strong Australia roadshow event, with the aim of discussing responses to challenges faced by suppliers, distributors, customers, employees and organisations.

Held at the All Seasons Hotel on Saturday, 17 June from 12pm, the two-hour lunch features a panel of guest speakers focusing on Bendigo and the opportunities in the region as businesses continue to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO of Be.Bendigo Rob Herbert said this year’s event features Business Council of Australia head Jennifer Westacott, Bendigo Bank CEO Marnie Baker, Woolworths’ chief reputation officer Christian Bennett, and advocacy lead at Be.Bendigo Rob Stephenson.

“The event is around identifying those challenges and looking at how we can advocate for longer term sustainable outcomes for business in the greater Bendigo region,” he said.

Many businesses, particularly those of offer face-to-face services, are currently experiencing challenges with staffing disruptions caused by COVID-19 and the flu.

The rate at which costs are rising as well as supply chain disruptions are also key concerns.

Locally, Mr Herbert said challenges to address include lack of affordable housing taking first-home buyers out of the market, and limitations of industrial land impacting growing businesses.

He also said it’s good to see the Strong Business roadshow back in Bendigo and in-person.

“These gatherings are important because if we can get together as a collective voice, it has more power than different stakeholders trying to lobby and campaign on their own accord,” he said.

“The broader the sentiment across business, the more influence and power there is to make change.”

For more information head to strongaustralia.net/bendigo_june_2022.