Snake season safety callout

September 1, 2022 BY

Slippery serpents: The start of spring brings with it an increase in the activity of snakes, including the eastern brown snake. Photo: FILE

SPRING and September spell the start of snake season, and a local catcher is reminding people how to reduce any conflict with the reptiles.

Greater Bendigo Snake Control’s Tameeka Stevens said she expects more callouts as the weather warms up.

“Through September to about mid-October, that’s when the reptile activity starts to really increase,” she said.

“They’ll be leaving their winter hides to explore for food, and they’ll be utilising any sunny days to warm up.”

While the Bureau of Meteorology predicts above average rainfall for eastern Australia during Spring, Ms Stevens said wet weather and humidity may lead to increased sightings of certain species.

“Usually when we have a bit of rain that influences other animals as well, amphibians in particular,” she said.

“Snakes that eat amphibians are tiger snakes and red belly black snakes, it might make them a bit more active given their food source is also active.”

Ms Stevens said her most common callouts are for eastern brown snakes, and she suggests people with yards and gardens to do a bit of spring cleaning.

“The eastern brown snake is found right throughout Bendigo,” she said. “Usually they’re found in backyards either in established gardens or yards that have debris waiting around.

“I recommend people with debris in their backyard keep it neat and tidy and try clear it away.”

People are also recommended to keep a snake bite first aid kit in the house or when camping and get on top of any rodent issues.