Take a pause at the Easter Festival

March 28, 2024 BY

Soothing: A Lifely volunteer decorates the chillout zone with rainbow fish scales, painted in soothing blues and purples.

LOCAL disability service provider Lifely is bringing its sensory chillout zone back to Rosalind Park this weekend.

For the duration of the Easter Festival, Lifely staff will be set up in the park to provide people of all ages and abilities a peaceful spot to recharge.

The chillout zone is designed to be sensory-friendly and to give people with sensory processing differences or disabilities and their carers, a moment of respite.

Janette Martin, Lifely’s chief executive, said the chillout zone is more than just a space, it’s a symbol of the community’s commitment to being a more inclusive place to live.

“Exclusion from community events isn’t just about missing out on the fun; it’s about missing the sense of belonging and connection that comes with being part of something bigger,” Ms Martin said.

“For people with disabilities, feeling excluded isn’t just a barrier to participation, it’s a barrier to feeling valued and accepted by the community they call home.”

Sensory-friendly environments like Lifely’s chillout zone can make fesitvals and community spaces more accessible for people with certain disabilities because they provide a place to regulate their nervous systems, which can be overwhelmed by noise or crowds.

Visitors to the chillout zone can engage with sensory activities, play games, relax on comfortable chairs, or chat to Lifely staff who are there to help people who might feel overwhelmed.

“Our sensory-friendly chillout zone provides a safe and supported environment,” said Ms Martin.

Everyone is welcome to take a beat at the Lifely chillout zone in Rosalind Park for the duration of the Easter Festival.