The mall has it all, including a place to read!

November 29, 2023 BY

In demand: There has been a constant flow of books into and out of the Book Nook at Bendigo Marketplace since it opened. Photo: SUPPLIED

A SPOT at a busy mall has been transformed into a ‘book nook’ and is proving popular with shoppers. 

Tracey McMaster, centre manager at Bendigo Marketplace said in the several weeks it has been going, it has been occupied basically all day. 

She said staff have had to add new books to the shelves every few days to replace ones that have been taken by keen readers. 

“We have had books in the past before COVID at the marketplace, and we did used to have a really big collection, and this year’s been a big focus on community,” said Ms McMaster. 

“Going back to community was what we were looking to do all of this year, that’s been our big focus. 

“The book nook came about because we have done baskets of books in the past, but it’s always just been for kids. 

“I visited a couple of different places at the time and came across [something similar] and I thought it was a fantastic idea. 

“So, I brought it back to the team and we discussed it, and that’s really how Book Nook’s come about. 

“Just having that place where someone can sit down and have a coffee or their kid can play… and not be in a hurry to go anywhere.” 

People can pick out a book and sit down to read if they like, or take them home if they would prefer, said McMaster.  

“People are taking the books which we totally encourage,” she said.  

“We want to get more donations from the community, we have bought a few books, we had some books already, we’ll always continue to keep topping it up every couple of days. 

“It’s just more to give back to the community, it’s not going to be frowned upon if your kid falls in love with a book and they want to take it home to read it.” 

Ms McMaster said while here will be a shop using that space early next year, the Book Nook will be relocated to another area of the mall.  

She said people are welcome to drop books off at its centre management office at 37 Garsed Street in Bendigo.