Building a path for women

May 29, 2021 BY

THE Housing Industry Association has announced the appointment of its new national vice-president, Debbie Johnson, the second female to be elected to this position.

Ms Johnson is a highly experienced and regarded building designer and builder based in Queensland bringing a strong portfolio of skills to the role having run her business for 35 years and being involved in a diverse range of industry and government boards throughout her career.

“HIA is the trusted voice of the housing industry that has represented our members and promoted the industry more broadly since we were established in 1945,” Ms Johnson said.

“Today, just as then, we are one voice, strengthened by our members who give their knowledge, experience and time generously – and we are supported by the exceptional HIA team who work in our national and regional offices

Ms Johnson was appointed as the Queensland Regional president in 2013 and to the national board in 2017.

Ms Johnson was integral in the establishment of HIA’s Building Women awards in Queensland which will celebrate their seventh annual event later this year.

She supported the expansion of the program nationally and has shared her career journey speaking at many regional Building Women events over the last five years.

Ms Johnson has expressed her desire to carry on the good work of her predecessors and represent the HIA core values.

“I am proud to be a HIA member and will always promote the Housing Industry Association at every level.

“I want Australians to have confidence in our industry, in the products and materials we use and the homes we deliver every day for thousands of families.

“The industry is proud of our knowledge, experience and our skills and the Association will continue to work hard to develop the next generation of building professionals,” Ms Johnson concluded.