Why your facade matters

September 11, 2021 BY

Metricon’s design team dedicates significant time and work into developing the best facade options for their customers.

Your home’s exterior is the first impression of your abode and your lifestyle; it’s also the one part of your house that’s on show to the rest of the world.

Home builder Metricon is leading the way in providing design expertise, inspiration, and advice on facade design, one the most complex and important aspect in building a new home.

We all spend a lot of time talking about getting the interior of our home right, but what about the exterior?

Street appeal is becoming a top focus for new home buyers and will impact a home’s resale, this is why Metricon puts such an emphasis on all of the elements that go in to crafting the perfect facade.

Customers can now get an in-depth insight into Metricon’s knowledge by watching their recent online Facades Masterclass Webinar on YouTube.

Presented over 45 minutes, a range of Metricon experts offer invaluable advice on all things facades, including top tips and popular theme choices, presenting a great opportunity to learn more about how to choose the perfect facade for your dream home.

Metricon’s design director Adrian Popple, with 34 years of home design experience, speaks in the webinar about the importance of facade essentials, saying that it is one of the most challenging elements of design and simply can’t be rushed.

“Creating a sense of entry is so important and a well-considered facade will stand out on the street,” he said.

Lisa Goodsall, Metricon’s National Display Home and Studio M retail manager takes webinar viewers through three top trending façade styles: the ever-popular Hamptons, French Provincial and Contemporary.

“The Hamptons style is not just for coastal locations, it looks perfect in regional areas too,” Ms Goodsall said.

“It’s relaxed, comforting and welcomes people in, the French Provincial elegance is a real statement, telling the whole street you’ve made it, you’re here!”

“Whilst the Contemporary look just works everywhere, new estates or established areas, it can be adapted perfectly.”

To watch the facades masterclass and gain a wealth of knowledge about how to create the perfect facade design go to youtube.com/watch?v=ybnRWn-6dLw.

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