Champion: Aaron Wilson bowls during his successful Australian Open campaign last month. Photo: BOWLS AUSTRALIA

Gold medallist honoured – Bendigo Sports Star Award

July 22, 2021 BY
LAWN Bowls champion Aaron Wilson is now inline for his second Bendigo Sports Star of the Year crown, after receiving the monthly nod for June.

Wilson previously won the 2018-19 title, and after claiming a second Australian Open men’s single title, said this year’s nomination for June is “massive”.

“We all know Bendigo is full of talented players and athletes and to be nominated with those people, it’s always a great honour to go to that night and have a chat and experience each other’s successes,” he said. “It’s a massive honour to be a part of that.”

Up against lawn bowls hall of famer Wayne Turley in the final last month in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, Wilson won 21-14.

“What’s been happening in the world at the moment with COVID-19 it was actually good to be playing some bowls again,” Wilson said.

“It was awesome being back on the greens and competing, preparation was good before the event and very excited to get the win overall.

“You got to love the Gold Coast, the holiday destination and an awesome place to play lawn bowls. The greens are absolutely fantastic up there.”

The victory adds to Wilson’s impressive list of achievements, which include the 2013 Australian Open and a gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The 29-year-old has been playing lawn bowls since he was 11 and credited his older brother for introducing him to the sport.

“I just really enjoyed it from the start and then sort of got more into the game as I grew up, I loved competing and all that stuck with it and I’m glad I did,” Wilson said.

With current squad preparations for the 2022 Commonwealth Games on hold, Wilson said he is training his solo fitness and is back at work as the venue manager at Brighton Bowling Club.

“Always a big thank you to the club for letting me play these things,” he said. “The financial support and general club, they’re awesome.”

The excitement and achievements for Wilson don’t end off the green, as he and his partner recently announced they are expecting their first child.