Hopes three Aussies will race in F1 next year

February 23, 2024 BY

SEN’s Cameron van den Dungen has revealed his belief that for the first time in forty-nine years, Australian F1 fans will have three different drivers to barrack for ahead of the 2025 season.

With the F1’s annual silly season kicking off much earlier than expected and up to 14 drivers off contract at the end of this year, a flurry of driver movement is looming for next year.

Lewis Hamilton’s shocking move to Ferrari was the first domino to fall and now with an empty spot at Mercedes for 2025, a number of expected moves could open the door for an Aussie rookie to make his way into F1.

Rising Aussie star Oscar Piastri is already locked into McLaren until the end of 2026, whilst Daniel Ricciardo on an expiring contract is widely expected to be on the grid in some capacity in 2025.

The final piece of the puzzle is Alpine Academy star Jack Doohan, who is currently biding his time as the senior team’s reserve driver for 2024.

The son of Moto GP legend Mick Doohan has been tipped for greatness in F1 and could finally get his chance at a seat thanks to Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes.

“We are going to see three Aussies on the grid in 2025,” van den Dungen said on SEN’s Grid Walk.

“Mercedes, that seat, [Alpine driver] Esteban Ocon, I don’t think he’s comfortable where he is right now, he’s out of contract at the end of this year.

“He’s been part of the Mercedes family, for a very long time, there’s a young up-and-coming Mercedes driver [Andrea Antonelli], incredible talent [but] he’s not ready yet, you don’t want to put someone who’s a long-termer in when you’ve got another up-and-comer.

“So, Esteban Ocon I think goes to Mercedes, which opens the door for Jack Doohan, the son of the mighty Mick Doohan.

“[He] is sitting on the sidelines and it is a travesty, that Jack Doohan doesn’t have a seat right now.

“I believe we will get ‘The Road to Three’ in 2025 and Jack Doohan will be on the grid in 2025 for Alpine.”

Mick Doohan backed his son’s push for an F1 seat in 2025 but admitted it is reliant one of the current drivers departing at the end of the year.