Juniors wanted for badminton

January 19, 2022 BY

Try it out: The Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association is encouraging people aged five to 18 to give the sport a go. Photo: SUPPLIED

THIS Friday, kids are encouraged to try their hand and what is known as the fastest racquet sport in the world.

The Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association will host its junior registration day from 7pm to 9pm at the Eaglehawk Badminton Centre, and all kids aged five to 18 are welcome to have a hit.

Junior coordinator Mitchell Graham said the association is expecting a slight increase in numbers at just its second registration event.

“We had about 16 or 17 register at our first registration day last year,” he said. “After a year of COVID where we didn’t get much play in it was pretty good.

“We’re expecting a little bit of an increase this year, but with COVID we don’t really know what to expect. We’re still going to put on a good show.”

Last year the club still managed to bring in 250 members in total, a number Mr Graham said was unexpected.

“It was pretty good and junior numbers are rising too,” he said.

“There’s a few juniors who’ve been playing a lot longer than me, we’ve got seniors that have been there 15 years plus, there’s a lot of experience.

“Just give it a go I say. Especially with juniors, giving it a go is the best opportunity for them.”

Mr Graham said what makes badminton stand out in Bendigo is its cost efficiency.

“You don’t have to buy cricket gear, footy boots or anything,” he said.

“The only cost involved with badminton is the membership, $40 plus $5 every time you come. It’s probably the cheapest sport in Bendigo.”