Healthier living starts with the basics

August 17, 2023 BY

Big Wet Spring Water Geelong managing director Mike Opie and territory manager David Hamilton.

Situated in Moolap, Big Wet Spring Water Geelong have been proudly and sustainably supplying spring water and related products to homes and workplaces throughout Greater Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast, Colac, Ballarat, Little River for more than 25 years.

Recently awarded #1 Spring Water at a renowned International Tasting event, their spring water is the result of water filtering through volcanic rock with layers of shale and sandstone purifying and absorbing the mineral qualities of the earth.

The water is sourced locally from the Hepburn region, which is synonymous with some of the highest quality waters in the world.
Drinking water daily can enhance our overall health and well-being.

Lower blood pressure, improved bone health and digestion, better muscle performance, electrolyte balance for good hydration, and improved skin are just some of the benefits.

Everyone’s situation is unique; however, it’s commonly regarded two or more litres of water consumed daily, all year round provides for optimal results.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to readily available, quality drinking water at home or at work. Warmer weather and activity, cooler weather and inactivity – hydration is important all year round.

Your well-being is everything. Big Wet Spring Water Geelong make it simpler, more convenient, and more affordable to get access to quality drinking water.

Do yourself a favour, drink the water you need and don’t allow reasons to get in the way of a better you!

For more information, head to bigwet.com.au, or @bigwetgeelong on Facebook.