Tailoring student education to future success.

May 10, 2024 BY

North Geelong Secondary College's underpinning values are Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity.

North Geelong Secondary College is a creative, caring, and diverse college catering to Year 7-12 students, where young people grow into autonomous learners by engaging with imaginative and intellectually rigorous programs.

The community is a friendly and supportive environment, underpinned by the values of Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity.

“We tailor programs to suit students’ individual needs and help students to develop their confidence, to follow their interests and reach their potential,” college principal Nick Adamou said.

The school places high expectations on student behaviour and academic endeavour, as evidenced by our outstanding VCE results and VM outcomes.

The college offers specialist programs in areas such as The Arts, Information and Communication Technologies, and Sports.

Students are encouraged to take on extracurricular activities and specialist programs, such as The Arts.


These areas incorporate innovative curriculum design and enhance the learning experience.

Students are privileged to enjoy:

Learning areas equipped with the latest ICT facilities

An extensive, well-resourced, library

Plentiful, state of the art sporting facilities, and

A creative art and technology complex which caters for food technology, studio art, ceramics, woodwork and performing arts.

North Geelong Secondary College is proud to offer the following specialist programs: Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL). Scholarships, Excellence in Sport (Football, Volleyball & Soccer), Strive to Achieve Results (STAR), and Achieving Core Education (ACE).

The SEAL Program provides a focussed educational environment for academically oriented students. SEAL classes incorporate a fast-paced curriculum, with less repetition than mainstream classes. Advancement Via International Determination (AVID) underpins the SEAL program and prepares students with the skills to succeed in senior and post-secondary education.

The Scholarship program promotes and recognises outstanding commitment by school students who have displayed a strong involvement in their school community.

Scholarships are available in the following areas for Grade 6 to Year 7/8 and Year 8 to Year 9/10: Academic Excellence, Student Leadership, Community, Sporting Excellence and The Arts.

North Geelong Secondary College tailors programs to suit students’ individual needs.


Scholarships are also available for Year 10 students to encourage and support their senior studies in the areas of Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities.

The EIS Program develops students’ sport specific skills, knowledge, and practical application in their chosen sports of Australian rules, soccer, or volleyball.

STAR is an innovative literacy and numeracy program unique to the college. This program identifies students who have the potential to become future “stars” and achieve outstanding results in Years 7 to 9.

The ACE program aims to improve the numeracy and literacy development of students who are performing below the expected level.

Students are also encouraged to engage in a myriad of extracurricular activities, including Human Powered Vehicle, Debating, Student Representative Council, lunchtime clubs and more.

Parents and guardians are welcome to visit and see the school in operation. You will not be disappointed when you discover a dynamic, high-quality government school for your child.

To find out more and to book a personalised tour of North Geelong Secondary College, phone 5240 5800, or email [email protected]