A story of crime and fire

June 20, 2024 BY

Journalist and author Michael Brissenden is bringing his new book to Geelong and Barwon Heads with author events. Photo: MIKE BOWERS

Veteran journalist Michael Brissenden has released his newest novel, Smoke, and is taking it on tour.

In a series of author events, Brissenden will be stopping in at Geelong and Barwon Heads next month.

The crime thriller was published in May this year and inspired by the catastrophic Australian bushfires in January 2020.

The author and journalist had reported on bushfires in both Australia and America in the past and noticed the way small towns in both countries deal with the aftermath.

Smoke is set in the town of Jasper in the Californian Sierras and follows the story of detective Alex Markov, who returns to the town after a devastating wildfire.

Upon her return, she is convinced a victim of the fire fell prey to murder and is determined to find the truth, uncovering a web of corruption along the way.

The novel also tells a story of friendship, personal history and the everyday challenges of small-town life.

Brissenden has published three books previously, with the first was released in 2017.

During his 33-year media career, he worked as a journalist and foreign correspondent with the ABC, taking on various roles throughout his career.

At his upcoming author talks, he will be joined in conversation by local writer Jock Serong.

Brissenden will be at the Geelong Library on July 4 and at the Heads and Tale Bookstore in Barwon Heads on July 5.

For more information, head to michaelbrissenden.com