As the school year begins, don’t forget the medicine

February 6, 2020 BY

NPS MedicineWise says it’s important to have an emergency action plan stored with the medicine.

As students begin a new school year, NPS MedicineWise is urging parents to make medicines part of their family’s back to school planning.

Nerida Packham, pharmacist and manager of Medicines Line at NPS MedicineWise, said you, your child and their teacher should all know what medicines your child takes, where they are kept, and how to use them – especially in an emergency.

She said while medicines were important for children who need them, ensuring they were taken safely needed to be a priority.

Talk to the school about your child’s medicines

“If your child has a medical condition and they need to take medicine at school, you must notify the school,” Ms Packham said.

“It is important to meet with your child’s teachers and support staff to discuss a medicine management plan, so everyone knows when and how to give the medicine.”

Know the school’s medicines policy

“Check with the school to find out what their medicines management policy is, and make sure your child is confident to ask a teacher for help if they’re feeling unwell or need access to their medicines,” Ms Packham said.

Have an action plan ready in case of an emergency

“Some medicines are important in an emergency such as an anaphylaxis, asthma, or (a) diabetes episode.

“It is important to have an emergency action plan stored with the medicine, and ensure you, your child and their teacher know to follow the action plan in case of an emergency.

“Ensure the action plan is up-to-date. Plans should be regularly reviewed by your child’s GP or specialist.

“Sometimes the plan will change as your child grows or the environment changes. For example, an asthma plan may need to be updated to deal with changing air quality conditions.”

For more information on medicines and children going back to school, head to nps.org.au.