Authentic Indian on the Surf Coast

July 3, 2024 BY

The Karma bar is part of the Lorne venue's Raas Leela appeal.

FOR more than a decade, Aditi and Rachit Kapoor have been serving up authentic Indian cuisine on the Surf Coast with their two restaurants.

Torquay’s Jashn Courtyard was opened about 14 years ago by the couple, followed by Raas Leela in Lorne during 2020.

Aditi said when opening the two restaurants they wanted to do something different and not just your average “Australianised” food.

“If you keep serving the butter chickens and samosas and everything, how are people to know what else there is to the cuisine?” she said.

“Part of having an Indian restaurant, or restaurant from another ethnicity here in Australia, I think the onus lies on people like us to educate people about the cuisine we’re offering.”

When plating the meals, they play with a contemporary and modern look, however, keep all of the flavours authentic.

At both restaurants, high quality and authentic Indian dishes are on the menu.

“If a dish is done with a certain protein, we do it with that protein and not swapping the sauce with any protein,” Aditi said.

For the past two years, Raas Leela has been nominated and was a finalist for the Indian Restaurant of the Year Award in the Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence, with Jashn Courtyard joining the list last year.

Adding to the appeal at Raas Leela is their Karma Bar, which Aditi said has allowed them to appeal to a whole new group of people.

Torquay’s Jashn Courtyard also features more than 300 whiskeys in the Whiskey Library.

“For people who don’t necessarily want to come in for an Indian meal, but who want to have a drink and just want to have some tapas style food and offering them that option as well.”

Last year, Jashn Courtyard moved to a new location, and after the success of the Karma Bar at their Lorne venue, they decided to add a Whiskey Bar to their Torquay business.

The venues have followed very similar models, leading to their success in providing quality Indian food to the region.

Jashn Courtyard can be found at 24 Bell Street, Torquay and Raas Leela at 116 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne.

For more information on Jashn Courtyard head to jashncourtyard.com.au and for more on Raas Leela, visit raasleela.com.au